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Welcome to the 2016 Badge competition. Manly has a long tradition of successful participation in the Sydney wide Badge Competition. 

Please check back here frequently for the latest news and draws plus links to Tennis NSW and Manly parking information for visitors.

Saturday Aug 20
Time Grade Home team Away team
12:00p Men's 2.3 Men's Hunters Hill LTC2 Men's Manly LTC 5
12:00p Men's 2.6 Men's Marrickville DTC 6 Men's Manly LTC 7
12:00p Men's 2.7 Men's Hunters Hill LTC 3 Men's Manly LTC 8
12:00p Women's 1.1 Ladies Manly LTC 1 Ladies Kooroora Tennis Club 3
12:00p Women's 1.2 Ladies Manly LTC 2 Ladies Hunters Hill Club 1
02:50p Men's 1.1 Men's Manly LTC 1 Men's Kooroora TC 2
02:50p Men's 3.1 Men's Strathfield Sports Club 5 Men's Manly LTC 9



Ladies Grade Result Score Position
Manly 1 1.1 Won 8-0 2*
Manly 2 1.2 Won 4-3 1*
Manly 3 1.3 Lost 0-8 7





Mens Grade Result Score Position
Manly 1 1.1 Tie 4-4 2*
Manly 2 1.3 Lost 3-5 5
Manly 3 2.1 Won 4-3 5
Manly 4 2.2 Won 4-3 5
Manly 5 2.3 Lost 3-5 3*
Manly 6 2.5 Won 5-3 5
Manly 7 2.6 Lost 1-7 4*
Manly 8 2.7 Won 5-3 4*
Manly 9 3.1 Won 7-1 4*

* Congrats: Made Playoffs!

Thanks very much to our VP, Ron Jeffs for compiling our Badge results for the season!

Pls CLICK HERE for a list of all final Manly Team league positions. Our thanks to Robert Howe TNSW for his help in sourcing and publishing this information; thank you Rob!


Ask-the-Pro: Keys to Basic Dubs
We are at the ‘pointy end of the stick’ approaching the play-off rounds in the Sydney Badge competition. Several players have asked for a quick grab on doubles tactics to try to give them an edge. Click here to learn a few basic keys to consider – none of which require you to make any changes to your basic game.

The Rules: Foot Faults
There have been a few recent altercations over foot faults during Badge.
Badge Rule 27 covers “Foot faults” and says --It is desirable that players should pay special attention to the observance of the ITF Foot-fault rules, which read as follows: Immediately before commencing to serve the Server shall stand with both feet at rest behind the baseline and within the imaginary continuation of the centre mark and side-line, Therefore, until the service has been delivered s/he shall: a. Not change his position by walking or running b. Not contact the baseline or the court inside the baseline before the ball is struck. A foot-fault may only be called by a baseline umpire or central umpire.
Bottom line: While you can ‘politely ask’ your opponent not to blatantly foot fault, nevertheless you can’t call foot faults. Even so, be prepared for a push back should you raise the issue.


Here’re a couple of links to articles you may find of interest:
• What is the Optimal Speed for Exercise (
• 8 True Tests of Your Overall Fitness (

Rob Muir
Club Captain


Final Badge Teams

Sydney Badge is currently grading our Teams.  Graded teams will be available shortly via the links under Badge News. Stay tuned.

Virginia Longfellow

Secretary, Manly Lawn Tennis Club

Office: (02) 9977 6023

Mobile: 0428 615 155



Badge Pairs Practice: Apr 2

This week we have 20 pairs in 4 divisions. Division 4 kicks off on Courts 1 & 2 starting at 11:45a.  Divisions 1,2,3 start at 2:45p.

Round robin draws with an order of play will be posted on the Club Notice Board prior to play.

Social Play will be on Courts 3,4,5,6 from 11:45a to 2:45p.

PLEASE NOTE: Distribution was mailed to Badge Players only. Pls let us know if we have missed anyone who should be on the list. Thank you.

Click here for Schedule & Draws.

Final Badge Men's Teams

A message from the Selection Committee.
Some last minute changes have necessitated changes to some of the previously proposed Men’s  teams. Team captains have been consulted before these changes were made.
The selection committee has done its best , as always ,to ensure teams are competitive while trying to accommodate players where possible. This is not always an easy task, this year especially.
Good luck in badge
MLTC Men’s  Selectors

Virginia Longfellow

Secretary, Manly Lawn Tennis Club

Office: (02) 9977 6023

Mobile: 0428 615 155



Final Badge Teams

Click the links on RHS for respective list of final Men's and Women's Teams.

Good luck to all the teams.


Virginia Longfellow

Secretary, Manly Lawn Tennis Club

Office: (02) 9977 6023

Mobile: 0428 615 155



Draft Badge Teams

Click the links on RHS for respective list of draft Men's and Women's Teams.

PLEASE check your information and, particularly, your availability  (W=weekly, F=fortnightly/every third week, R= Reserve) is correct since final grading is based on the equivalent of full time players.

Draft selections are based on player ability (results, IPR & N-Rating), partner preference and indicated availability on nomination form. 

Team Grading and Captains/Vice Captains to be finalized.

Please make any comments to Club Captain NO LATER than Friday March 4. Thank you.


Badge Nominations

We have received the following list of nominations to play Badge this year.

Click the respective links on the sidebar for the lists of Men and Women who have nominated.

Please CHECK your respective list to confirm we have received your nomination to play Badge. If for any reason, we do not have your nomination form, please download the form as marked in the side bar and submit immediately. 

Entries will be CLOSED once the lists are sent to our selectors for grading into the respective teams and it would be a shame for anyone to miss out who wanted to play Badge.

Sydney Badge

Entries close Saturday Feb 6

Please have your entries in the office by or before that date.  Unfortunately we cannot accept late entries.

This year you have the option of also nominating a preferred partner of a similar standard to enhance team selection, team management and your personal playing experience. Please make sure your partner concurs before submitting your form. You may also submit any competition, tournament or Badge results the selectors should consider for team selection.

Please click here to download Nomination Form in Microsoft Word format. NOTE check your browser status bar for the file if the file doesn't open in a browser window.

Mail electronic entries back to

Sydney Badge Details & Rule Changes
As some of you may be aware, Tennis Sydney has undertaken a review of the Badge Competition in line with the 2020 Blueprint for Competition Tennis.
The club was involved in this process, participating in surveys and focus groups. Feedback has been collated, considered, and changes made to the format of the 2016 Competition as a result.

Saturday Badge Divisions 1, 2 and 3

Start date Saturday, 30 April 2016

Duration 14 rounds, plus Semi-Finals, Finals (No Grand Finals)

Time/Day Saturdays, 12-2:45pm (OR) 2:50-5:35pm

Please refer to the attached pdf document for competition formats, dates, duration and entry procedure.  Attachment should open in a new browser window.


R January 08, 2017


Club Captain

Rob Muir



Badge News

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 Saturday Aug 20

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